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Live Crawfish & Seafood

Live, Fresh, and Cooked to Order !

All locations open for 4th of July


Hot Boiled Seafood

Several locations to
serve you!


Family friendly restaurant, low-key, and simply just great hot boiled seafood!

Seafood Restaurant in Washington Falls Church Live Crawfish & Seafood
Live Seafood & Crawfish- Boiled Seafood
Restaurant Guru Recommended


A Wonderful Seafood Experience


crawfish boil- Live Crawfish & Seafood
Live Crawfish & Seafood- Seafood Restaurant in Falls Church Washington
Live Crawfish & Seafood- Seafood Restaurant in Falls Church Washington
Crawfish Boil on Falls Church Washington
Live Crawfish & Seafood- Shrimps
Blue Crabs- Live Crawfish & Seafood
Live Crawfish & Seafood- Seafood Boil Specials
Seafood Boil Specials- Lobsters, Crabs and Crawfish
Country Boil 2
Seafood Boil Specials at Live Crawfish & Seafood
Seafood Boil Specials
Shrimp Boil at Live Crawfish & Seafood
Dungeness Crab
Fresh Boil Crawfish with Garlic
Shrimp Boil- Seafood Boil Specials


Lunch & Dinner

Authentic Seafood Restaurant in Falls Church VA
Crawfish Boil with Garlic in Falls Church VA

Our live crawfish is cooked in our secret family recipe to perfection, complete with your choice of our famous Mixin’s flavor or any combination of Cajun and spice seasonings, butter, and garlic butter. 

You decide if you want the mild goodness to the fiery hot that best suits you!

Seafood Favorites

Live Crawfish & Seafood


Mimi Huynh

Have ordered crawfish takeout from here a few times now. Great customer service. They are so friendly & they TEXT! How convenient is that?? Food is always ready on time. Great price especially when they have their special deals. (Super friendly and their flavor is bomb. Have tried a lot of places in NoVA but this is our family's go-to crawfish place for sure.

Highly recommend.

Monica Ortiz

I’m from Texas and this crawfish place hit like no other. The crawfish and snow crab were amazing plus the seasoning was to die for. I can see why there were so many people and Togo orders for this place. I will definitely will be coming here again!

Michelle Barrio

Best cajun boil in the area! Always cooked to order. Staff is very friendly and genuinely care about the clients that come in. They even remember our usual order as soon as we come in! 5/5 recommend.

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