Falls Church Seafood Specials 

6168 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
(703) 536-2288 or (703) 536-2289

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Christmas Specials

1. Buy 8, get 3 FREE


2. 1 lb Dungeness crab, 1 lb snow crab, 1 lb crawfish, 1 lb shrimp, 3 corn, 2 potato, 1 sausage link: 65.99


3. 4 lb jumbo crawfish, 2 lb jumbo snow crab, 1 lb shrimp with 6 corns: 99.99


4. Buy 5, get 1 FREE!


5. Grand holiday family combo: 3 lb jumbo crawfish, 2 lb headless jumbo shrimp, 4 lobster tail, 2 lb jumbo snow crab, 2 lb green mussel, 8 corns, 8 potatoes: 169.99


6.  2 lobster tails & 5 lb crawfish : 63.99


We Are
in Hot Boiled Crawfish

Gift Certificates are available!

We have a variety of seafood options ranging from Po'boy sandwiches with shrimp, clam, catfish, crawfish, seasonal snow crab, to perfectly cooked lobster, a variety of crab, shrimp, Cajun crawfish boils, and so much more; if you are looking for great crab boil “near me”, you are definitely in the right place. Our recipes are passed down through the family and tried and true.


Treat your love family, friends, co-workers, and boss for a sumptuous meal.  We have gift certificates available for our famous Country Boil, or in various denominations such as $25.00, $50.00 or more.

Call or see store for details!


Gift Certificates